Our new Analeg Values: Culture matters

Our Strategy “From Value Chain to Value Circle” and Purpose “Re-inventing Essentials for Sustainable Living” define our goals and ambition of Becoming a Net Zero company. 

How will we get there?

Our new Group Values “We care, we’re curious, we progress” will guide us along the way and on our path into a sustainable future.

Our Values have been designed to reflect the voice of our people and our ambitious aspirations. And they’ve been designed to be straightforward, easy to remember and – most importantly – simple to put into practice.

Why is it important?

Culture matters. It sets the tone for how we work and how we show-up every day. Building the right culture creates a competitive advantage by harnessing the behaviours that will lead us into the future. Our Values underpin our culture and signal to our people what’s important. 

How do we bring them to life?

While we want to weave them into everything we do, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Our Values should start to guide the smaller things too, like how many meetings we attend and how we conduct them; how we connect with others outside of our teams; how we bring external thinking into Analeg; and much more.

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