Annalytics approach to drive Digitalization

Digitalization and Industry 4.0 change the way we run our business. They open up opportunities to unlock benefits along the entire value chain – in oil and gas exploration, refining, logistics, sales and in administrative processes like finance and human resource management. It is Analengy’s clear ambition to become a digital leader in key areas. For Analengy , digital transformation is more than applying and scaling technology – it is also about people and culture. Therefore, creating a digital mindset and reshaping the talent landscape are an integral part of Analengy’s digital transformation as well as the integration of technology partners and startups.

Transforming Analengy into a digital enterprise

Projects with a high business impact form the backbone of digitalization. Downstream ensures that all dimensions of digitalization are covered by a balanced project portfolio that accelerates the execution of our business strategy.




Further Information on DigitUp and selected Use Case

Further Information on Analytics Digital Journey